Reach Your Next Level of Success

Many people start out with ambition, drive, set goals and develop skills to start their road to success. But along the way, sometimes mental or emotional blocks come up that slow down or stop them from getting to the next level. This can be mystifying and frustrating. Is this you?

Peak Performance EMDR effectively helps you overcome the negative beliefs and emotional blocks standing in your way and takes your skills from “good” to “great.” It is effective for business professionals, athletes, performers, and students. The focus is on enhancing present day performance while preparing for future optimal performance. It increases self-confidence and creativity and magnifies internal resources to help you be your best self.

Build Your Strengths

Can you relate to any of the following statements?

Professional Challenges

I’m a business professional and I’d like to:

  • Give a speech or presentation without getting anxious
  • Communicate more effectively with co-workers, future business partners
  • Have confidence to go for a promotion
  • Set goals and achieve them without fear of failing
  • Take my business to the next level
  • Improve my sales production
  • Get past a professional failure and get back on track

Academic Achievement

I’m a student and I’d like to:

  • Take a test without freezing with anxiety
  • Have better study habits and stop procrastinating
  • Better organize my time so I can prepare for tests
  • Be OK with a good grade and not be such a perfectionist
  • Speak up in class without feeling anxious
  • Have confidence in my ability to complete assignments
  • Set goals and achieve my academic potential

Sports Performance

I’m an athlete and I’d like to:

  • Stay focused during competition
  • Have more confidence during practice and games
  • Perform better in competition than in practice
  • Find my competitive edge
  • Regain confidence after my injury or poor performance
  • Manage my anxiety and emotions during competition
  • Maintain my exercise program and stay motivated

EMDR Enhances Performance

If you answered yes! to any of the statements above, Peak Performance EMDR can help you maximize your potential and perform at your best.

Once desensitization and reprocessing of negative thoughts are complete the focus turns to developing skills in peak performance. This protocol integrates positive psychology techniques such as identifying individual strengths, noticing what is working well in your life as a way of energizing the possibilities and identifying positive words to evoke a positive mental state.

It also borrows from traditional sports psychology and leadership training techniques. We work together on goal setting, maintaining focus and concentration, managing emotional arousal, sustaining persistence, learning to relax and energize in the moment, replacing negative thoughts with more motivating ones and imagining desired future states.

Are you performing at the top of your game?

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