Create A Positive Shift

When you’re stuck, obstacles seem insurmountable. But with a positive perspective and the right tools, challenges become problems to be solved. Whether large or small, challenges can be worked through clearing space for happiness and calm to be restored. We work together to map out your path forward.


Stress is that feeling of overwhelm. Stress can lead to poor concentration, trouble sleeping, irritability, frustration, change in eating habits, feeling flat, nervous or anxious. In the extreme too much stress can make you feel totally burned out. If this is you, we can work together to find ways to lighten your load, calm the body and restore a sense of peace and balance.


Depression may be due to a pile up of life events, a physical condition or unresolved issues from the past. Very often trauma and depression go hand in hand. Relational injuries or chronic stress can contribute to depression. You may feel sad, lonely or have negative thoughts. We’ll explore your unique situation and make a plan to help you feel like yourself again.


Anxiety is often rooted in some sort of fear. Whether it’s feeling uncomfortable in social situations, relationships, work environments or just a gnawing sense of unease, help is available. You may feel tense, worried, have difficulty concentrating or find it hard to control anxious thoughts. If so we can work together to help you gain control of your fears and move forward to a place of well being. EMDR therapy can effectively identify the root causes of anxiety and then strengthen strategies to help you stay calm.


Anger is a powerful emotion. If you find yourself with a short fuse, easily irritated, or unable to engage in meaningful conversations without yelling or walking out in a huff, anger is probably affecting your relationships, work and general quality of life. Very often triggers that release anger in the present are actually activating old memories that we’re not fully aware of. We can identify these triggers, understand the source of anger and develop new ways to respond.

EMDR Can Help

EMDR therapy can effectively identify the root causes of stress, depression, anxiety and anger. We will find the events in which the emotionally charged memories and negative beliefs were first developed. With EMDR processing we will desensitize the memories so they don’t keep getting triggered, shift them to positive beliefs and strengthen new skills to help you stay calm, improve mood and move forward with your life.

Feeling Stuck but Looking for Solutions?

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