The Path Forward

We all live in relationship to one another and the quality of those relationships can determine how happy and fulfilled we feel about our lives. As we grow, relationships naturally change. Whether the issue is improving a current relationship, or grieving the loss of a friend or loved one, we can work together to navigate relational change and resolve the issues you are struggling with.

Communication & Conflict

Communication and Conflict Resolution are two of the most common reasons people seek counseling. If you’re having difficulty finding ways to interact effectively with a spouse, child, friend, or co-worker, we’ll look at the state of that relationship and develop strategies that will build bridges rather than walls. Communication patterns are often learned in our family of origin and behavior patterns can be influenced by attachment experiences at an earlier time of life. EMDR helps target memories or communication interactions you had in previous relationships and strengthens new positive memories designed to open lines of communication and keep them flowing well.

Separation & Divorce

Separation and Divorce is painful. Whether your marriage is struggling or it has ended, the emotional fallout is difficult. Navigating these waters when your life has been turned upside down is a challenge. Couples often find that the road to saving the relationship also includes doing some individual counseling to deal with personal issues that are impacting the relationship. We will assess your current situation and develop the best plan to address your needs.

Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss can alter everything in a person’s life. After the death of a loved one, grief is a normal and natural reaction to deep loss. Everyone grieves differently but there are common stages that many people experience. You may have lost a spouse, parent, child or friend. If you’ve also been a caregiver, that produces its own unique set of emotional issues. Moving through grief in order to reestablish a sense of equilibrium is the focus of therapy.

EMDR Can Improve Relationships

Whether you want to restore trust, strengthen emotional bonds, improve communication or resolve a loss, EMDR therapy effectively processes upsetting memories and helps to repair damaged emotions. We will work together to help you visualize the change you desire so you can effectively navigate your most sensitive relational issues.

Need Help Managing Relational Change?

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